Thermal Imager testo 875

thermal imager testo 875 Thermal Imager testo 875 The Entry Into High-Resolution Thermography

The Thermal Imager testo 875 is the reliable, high-resolution tool for your daily use. With a temperature resolution of < 80 mK, 19,200 measurement points, exchangeable lenses and an integrated digital camera, you identify weak spots in materials and components completely non-intrusively, directly in the infrared image, with the infrared imager Testo 875.

For you, that means: You see more and have more reliability when carrying out thermography!

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super-resolution testo testo 875: Thermography now with high-resolution SuperResolution technology

With the optionally available SuperResolution technology, you improve the image quality of the testo 875 by one class in no time. Four times more measurement values and a geometric resolution of the infrared image improved by a factor of 1.6 means for you: higher-resolution thermal images, (320 x 240 pixels) even more details and even more safety in your measurement.

The advantages of the thermal imager testo 875
Overview of variants
The advantages of testo 875
160x120 Detector size 160 x 120 pixels
With 19,200 temperature measurement points, the measurement objects are detected in very good image quality, clearly and precisely.
super-resolution advantage SuperResolution technology (to 320 x 240 pixels)
SuperResolution technology improves the image quality by one class, i.e. the resolution of the thermal images is four times higher.
thermal sensitivity Thermal sensitivity < 80 mK
Thanks to an excellent temperature resolution of < 80 mK, even small temperature differences are visible.
IR thermal camera Integrated digital camera
Parallel to the thermal image, a real image of each measurement object is also stored.
infrared image Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition
Critical temperature stati are directly displayed using the automatic Hot-Cold-Spot recognition.
solar mode thermal image Solar mode
For each measurement, the sun irradiation value can be entered into the camera. This value is stored for each thermal image.
infrared camera Special measurement mode for detecting areas with danger of mould
Using the externally measured ambient temperature and air humidity, as well as the surface temperature, the humidity value of each measurement point is calculated and shown in the display as a real humidity image.
Overview of variants
thermal imager camera testo 875
Features testo 875-1
Detector 160 x 120 Pixel
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 80 mK
Temperature range -20 C... +280 C
Image refresh rate 9 Hz
Lens 32 x 23 true
Exchangeable telephoto lens 9 x 7 true
Super Resolution true
Integrated digital camera true
Display of surface moisture distribution (by manual input) true
Auto Hot/Cold Spot Recognition true
Solar mode true
Lens protection glass true
Additional battery true
Fast battery charger true
included in delivery
  The imager is delivered in a robust case incl. pro software, Soft Case, carrying strap, SD card, USB cable, mains unit, Li ion rechargeable battery and tripod adapter.
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The thermal imager testo 870 was specially developed for your applications, in cooperation with heating constructors, building contractors, service engineers and facility management specialists – for example for detecting leakages, localizing cold bridges or visualizing overheated connections.